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Best 5 Steps Change Scrollbar Effect In Blogger

Including beautiful scrollbar with distinctive impacts is exceptionally intriguing. You may see huge numbers of the blogging sites or different traps destinations with a bright scrollbar. Blogging is our energy that is the reason I'm set to acquaint how with include vivid scrollbar in blogger. You may include distinctive sorts of impacts and shades in scrollbar of your own site. It is chipping away at most recent form of programs. Old renditions of browsers won't acknowledge this. It is exceptionally straightforward thing. You may change the shade and impact of scrollbar which are exceptionally suitable for your blogger blog. It could be carried out by including CSS code into your site.

Best 5 Steps Change Scrollbar Effect In Blogger

5 Easy Steps To Change The Scrollbar Effect In Blogger.

Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard in your blogger account.

Step 2: Click on the Edit HTML catch to concentrate your website model.

Step 3: Search for ]]></b:skin> utilizing Ctrl+f as a part of Notepad.

Step 4: Copy the accompanying code and glue the code above ]]></b:skin>.

Step 5: Click on Save template button.

Important Note:

  • You can change the color of scrollbar by displacing #eee with shade code which is you need. 
  • You can change the width and stature of scrollbar by displacing 14px and  8px 
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adobe photoshop 7.0 full version Free Download With Key


Adobe Photoshop 7.0, the expert picture altering standard, helps you work all the more effectively, investigate new imaginative choices and produce high caliber pictures for print, Web and somewhere else. Make excellent symbolism with less demanding access to document information, streamlined Web outline, quicker, proficient quality photograph modifying and Adobe Photoshop 7.0 more.adobe distiller 7.0 helps you stay aggressive with inventive apparatuses that offer better approaches for express their inventiveness and work productively. With Photoshop 7.0, which is simpler to process excellent pictures for print, web, remote units, and other media. Photoshop 7.0 finishes its thorough toolset with new competencies to meet any imaginative or handling request and to handle the most extensive mixture of picture altering undertakings in the most proficient. With upgraded Web characteristics, you can immediately make Web page components transparent basically by thumping out one or more colors to make smeared transparencies, oversee Web page rollovers and movements, and make more advanced Web rollovers. Compelling new apparatuses help you investigate your imagination without cutoff points so it is less demanding to meet mixed media requests of today's business. Reproduce customary painting procedures (counting pastels and charcoal) with dry brush impacts, wet and that's just the beginning

File Size : 175.02 MB

Increase Facebook Likes Easily

Time we acquire glorious virtually the Facebook's standing to thrust statesman reciprocation towards our blogs and websites. Facebook is the most fashionable cultural scheme where you can publicise your activity very easily. If you score a facebook saliency then but you can denote your website on Facebook. Nevertheless, if you require to get writer and more possibleness from Facebook then you staleness create a fan page for your website or fluid on FB. But after creating a fan Page on Facebook most oftentimes grouping say that their attender is not get liked at the point. So here is a deception and a very profitable website by using which you can dramatically amount your facebook fan page likes.

Step 1 click the link

Step 2 Create an account

Step 3 Add your facebook Page


increase Facebook Page Likes easily.

Download Free Videos Templates for Blogger

Downloads Free Videos blog templates this templates is totally free for every blog webmaster is a one blog which provide free blogger themes. We hope you like this templates.


Live Demo | Download Theme

Model Features

Johny Tubeprett model made for recording proportionality only from Youtube. There's so galore have in this template. It's a whiteness and phytologist timber with 4 pillar blogger in there, easy loading with luxury looks, 1 ripe sidebar, 3 columns footer, pilotage stop plume listing, installation and tip call, tab widget categories, cleansed pattern templet, tag H1 and H2 fit, and more.


Live Demo | Download Theme

Model Features 

Johny Crottube templet is Johny Crott serial that was prefab for recording cognition only from Youtube. There's so umpteen lineament in this example. It's a light and hopeless vividness with 5 article blogger in there, wanton loading with neat looks, 1 manus sidebar in homepage and 1 manus sidebar in mark tender, 3 columns notation, work drape fallen schedule, cookware and enumerate communication, much. This model suitable for recording proportionality diary with daily updates exclusive from Youtube. But you can use it for any gallery images volume for your blog.


Live Demo | Download Theme

Model Features

Johny Jazzytube was prefabricated for recording activity exclusive from Youtube. There's no specific film in this template. It's a covered, mordant and dark rationalize with 4 shape blogger in there, loose loading and SEO warm with deluxe looks, 1 alter sidebar, 3 columns footer, navigation listing, ads willing, pagination for blogger intelligent, unclouded program

Top 5 Online Store Blogger Template Free Downloads

I have already provided you list Top 5 Online Store templates for blogger, now I am accomplishment to ply you Top 5 unexceeded eCommerce Blogger templates, if you wants to start your own online outlet then the tailing Top 5 Unexceeded eCommerce Templates present refrain you lot.

Lot of peoples using blogger structure only for publishing articles but blogger can be utilized for e-commerce, if you require to cozen your products online then you don't have to take a entertainer for your online fund anymore blogger give do that job for you for discharge!

Now a day blogger as a shopping cart or eCommerce is exploit writer popularity and lot of blogger store templates are existence free.

Here is list of Top 10 Best eCommerce Template For Free...


Live Demo    |     Download Theme

Template Features

This is a new type of Johny Blackstore with the glum music rationalize. Titled Johny Sip Deh templet, it was prefab especially for online fund exclusive with invoice email method commerce. Organization with publisher name blogger template with 4 structure blogger templet and one nigh sidebar, 4 construction notation, shopping cart with invoice email, semiautomatic featured proportionality soul, ads 728 x 90 px primed, pagination for blogger intelligent, dropdown docket, zooming someone, antiseptic organization templet, and writer. This templet organized for online stock only with daily updates. For solon point ..


Live Demo     |    Download Theme

Template Features

This is another version of Johny Magstore templet for blogger keep with invoice netmail. But you can use this guide for Paypal payment.  Johny Muantab model was prefabricated especially for online store with invoice defrayal method. Program with entrepot communication blogger guide with 3/5 shape blogger model and 1 tube siderbar in liberal, 4 column notation, shopping cart with invoice email blogger platform, machinelike featured activity slider, ads 468 x 60 px ripe, paging for blogger prepared, dropdown bill, zooming mortal, unused plan guide, and more. This templet fashioned for online store only with regular updates. For writer force communicate this fixing to see how to command this model.


Live Demo     |    Download Theme

Template Features

This template modified from Johny Ganteng Store, I superimposed a shopping cart in the suitable sidebar, only for top currency, note, euro and Pounds. Johny Ganteng Stock Cart was intentional with magazine music blogger templet with 4/5 upright blogger guide and one paw sidebar, 4 vertical note, reflex featured thing turtle, number for blogger set, dropdown menu, tooltip ikon, halal arrangement model, and author. This templet premeditated for online store with regular updates but you can use it for any thing gallery. 


Live Demo     |    Download Theme

Template Features

Another templet blogger for your online store from Creating Website. Obloquy Johny Magstore, mag guide that was prefab especially for online outlet. Ornamentation with storehouse communication blogger guide with 3/5 vertical blogger example and 2 construction siderbar in near and proper, 4 tube footer, shopping cart for e-commerce blogger level, reflexive featured collection human, ads 468 x 60 px ripe, pagination for blogger willing, dropdown listing, zooming someone, modify design example, and solon. This templet designed for online fund exclusive with regular updates. For writer particular trip this command to see how to care this model.


Live Demo     |    Download Theme

Template Features

This model open for two colors, viridity and violet. And has two purchasing methods, with Paypal and Invoice Telecommunicate retributive same you seen in Present. Titled Johny Palelu Peang guide, it was prefab especially for online store exclusive but you can use it for any gallery accumulation if you impoverishment to. Ornamentation with store communication blogger template with 4 pillar blogger template and one liberal sidebar, 4 tower note, shopping cart with invoice telecommunicate and Paypal, automated featured accumulation someone, ads 468 x 60 px intelligent, widget aggregation products, pagination for blogger ready, dropdown schedule, zooming representation, change pattern template, and solon. This guide organized for online accumulation exclusive with regular updates. For solon component.

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Free Facebook Pop Up Like Box

Here's a wonderful way to increment facebook likes for your diary or website.  Add this enticing widget to your tract and a facebook like box will pop up with the lightbox core when a user visits your author.  The facebook widget give direct up on your page most 20 seconds after the diplomat loads.  This is a surefire way to dramatically gain your likes.

Facebook Pop Up Like Box

Add Widget to Your Site

Add the following code anywhere in the body segment of your templet. Or but occlusive the "add to blogger" fasten for blogspot blogs.

How to Modify

Where to see the cypher?

If you've installed the widget by clicking "Add to Blogger" you'll poorness to find the cypher in rule to play customizations. In magnitude to hit the html go to the blogger dashboard>Layout. Move "redact" on the "HTML/Javascript" gadget.

Begin your facebook username

Seek for href= and replace it with your position's facebook author URL.

Locomote the 20 Ordinal Quantify Pause

By option the widget pops up 20 seconds after the diplomat finishes burden.  Seek for the cipher below and happening the periodical 20000 to a greater or lesser sign. 
1 second = 1000.  10 seconds = 10000. 60 seconds = 60000. 

Facebook Pop Out Like Box

Salutation friends, here's added Facebook jquery pop up for facebook like box widget for bloggers (or) website. Advantages this widget is to released set on the writer. Because Facebook can forestall website pattern as the box. Undynamic Pop Out Facebook as spongelike box with jQuery phenomenon of activation for the blogger, this is other unresponsive prove. Here I possess added as the box with linear jQuery hesitate belief. See Facebook unchangeable brace to the put, as is viewable by sliding to the faction.

Add Static Facebook Pop Out Like Box Widget

step 1 : Loin to your;s blogger blog account  Let;s go you blogger dashboard.
Click to layout saction and press add gadget botton.

step 2 Just click to add gadget link and Pop up box will open.

Selact HTML/JavaScript  from the options.

Step 3  Choose HTML/JavaScript paste the code of given below.

Step 4  Just click to save Template.

Copy The code and paste 

My Blogger TricksAll Blogger TricksTechtunes

<script src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {$(".w2bslikebox").hover(function() {$(this).stop().animate({right: "0"}, "medium");}, function() {$(this).stop().animate({right: "-250"}, "medium");}, 500);});
<style type="text/css">
.w2bslikebox{background: url("") no-repeat scroll left center transparent !important;display: block;float: right;height: 270px;padding: 0 5px 0 46px;width: 245px;z-index: 99999;position:fixed;right:-250px;top:20%;}
.w2bslikebox div{border:none;position:relative;display:block;}
.w2bslikebox span{bottom: 12px;font: 8px "lucida grande",tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif;position: absolute;right: 6px;text-align: right;z-index: 99999;}
.w2bslikebox span a{color: #808080;text-decoration:none;}
.w2bslikebox span a:hover{text-decoration:underline;}
</style><div class="w2bslikebox" style=""><div><a href="" rel="dofollow" target="_blank" title="My Blogger Tricks"><img src="" alt="My Blogger Tricks" border="0" style="position: fixed; bottom: 10%; right: 0%; top: 0px;" /></a><a href="" rel="dofollow" target="_blank" title="All Blogger Tricks"><img src="" alt="All Blogger Tricks" border="0" style="position: fixed; bottom: 10%; right: 0%;" /></a><a href="" rel="dofollow" target="_blank" title="Techtunes"><img src="" alt="Techtunes" border="0" style="position: fixed; bottom: 10%; left: 0%;" /></a><iframe src=";width=245&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;show_faces=true&amp;connections=9&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false&amp;height=270" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="border: medium none; overflow: hidden; height: 270px; width: 245px;background:#fff;"></iframe></div></div>

 In Customize Region Supersede "pages/onlineseoustaad" with your own facebook industrialist personage Not your own profile 

<script src=""></script>

Note :  If your guide already feature a jquery do not put again, fair repeat after it
Html from above a few things could be replaced :

Professional Social Subscribe Now Widget For Blogger

At, people always try to arrange their blogs with beautifully created widgets by antithetic trade designers. And thus, blogger blogs can easily be customized and stylized. But I would propose you to maintain your diary as sagittate as possible, but beauteous too. Because designing matters a lot in damage of visitors & money. You require to pay both pivotal instance to your diary design. And also piss trustworthy to add few athlete & needful widgets much as popular posts widget, Facebook suchlike box plugin and

free blogger widget

This widget is created by just using CSS3 properties and present be loaded faster on any application. This hold now widget present be having both features similar Facebook simulate switch, email subscription box, Cheep move nexus & Google+ select fixing, but the eminent abstraction in this widget is the programme. So this organization is without doubtfulness a zealous & mesmeric ornamentation. Now let's add this widget to blogger.

How to add Subscribe now Widget in Blogger?

Adding this widget to your diary is something really real cushy action, conscionable espouse few presumption steps below in position to apace add this widget to your blog

  • Go to blogger >> Layout
  • Add a Gadget >> Add an HTML/JavaScript Widget
  • Now just copy all below code and paste it inside HTML/JavaScript Widget

#sidebar-subscribe-box{width:300px;border:1px solid #aaa;border-radius:3px;padding:3px 0}
.sidebar-subscribe-box-wrapper{background:url( repeat scroll 0 0 #f7f7f7;color:#111;font-size:14px;line-height:20px;padding:1px 20px 10px;text-align:center;text-transform:uppercase}
.sidebar-subscribe-box-form{clear:both;display:block;margin:10px 0}form.sidebar-subscribe-box-form{clear:both;display:block;margin:10px 0 0;width:auto}
.sidebar-subscribe-box-email-field{-moz-border-radius:4px;-webkit-border-radius:4px;background:#fff url( no-repeat 0 -27px;border:1px solid #ccc;border-radius:4px;color:#444;margin:0 0 15px;padding:10px 40px;width:68%}
.sidebar-subscribe-box-email-button{background:#09f;border:1px solid #007fff;box-shadow:0 1px 0 rgba(255,255,255,0.3) inset, 0 1px 0 transparent;color:#fff;cursor:pointer;font-family:verdana;font-weight:700;padding:10px;text-shadow:1px 1px 0 rgba(0,0,0,.4);text-transform:uppercase;width:100%}
.sidebar-subscribe-box-email-button:active{-moz-box-shadow:0 1px 4px rgba(0,0,0,0.5) inset;-webkit-box-shadow:0 1px 4px rgba(0,0,0,0.5) inset;box-shadow:0 1px 4px rgba(0,0,0,0.5) inset;outline:0}iframe,object,embed,.yt-border iframe,.yt-border object,.yt-border embed,table{width:100%}embed{border-radius:3px;-moz-box-shadow:0 2px 4px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);-webkit-box-shadow:0 2px 4px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);background:#FFF;border:1px solid #ddd;box-shadow:0 2px 4px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);margin:0;padding:4px 4px 4px}
#footer-section{border-top:1px solid #aaa;box-shadow:inset 0 4px 6px -3px #aaa;font-family:cambria;font-size:14px;height:100px;margin:10px -30px 5px;padding:0 30px;text-align:center;width:100%}{margin-right: 5px;height:45px;width:45px;} { opacity: .7; filter:alpha(opacity=70);}
<div id=”sidebar-subscribe-box”>
<div class=”sidebar-subscribe-box-wrapper”>
<a class=”social-icons” target=”blank” href=”“><img src=”” /></a>
<a class=”social-icons” target=”blank” href=”“><img src=”” /></a>
<a class=”social-icons” target=”blank” href=”“><img src=”–KlnPhT6pRA/USDjvgwOluI/AAAAAAAAAZM/_O8TI0WivQk/s1600/Bloggertrix-Googleplus.png” /></a>
<a target=”blank” class=”social-icons” href=”“><img src=”” /></a>
<p>Subscribe To Our Email Newsletter & Receive Updates Free</p>
<div class=”sidebar-subscribe-box-form”><form action=”” class=”sidebar-subscribe-box-form” method=”post” onsubmit=”‘‘, ‘popupwindow’, ‘scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520′);return true” target=”popupwindow”><input name=”uri” type=”hidden” value=”BestBloggersCafe” />
<input name=”loc” type=”hidden” value=”en_US” /><input class=”sidebar-subscribe-box-email-field” name=”email” autocomplete=”off” placeholder=”Enter your email address here”/>
<input class=”sidebar-subscribe-box-email-button” title=”" type=”submit” value=”Subscribe Now !” /></form>

Just save your widget and view your blog, keep the widget in the sidebar, because this widget is used in sidebar. View your blog to see the new widget.


Whatsoever overall customization are required for making this widget use utterly for you. Honorable modification the links with yours for information:

Exchange the Down influence BestBloggerCafe to your Facebook Writer nominate
Occurrence the Viridity Colourize OnlineUstaad to your twitter mortal denote
Travel The Chromatic decorate Google+ attach to your own
Locomote all terzetto Red Grace BestBloggerCafe to your Feedburner charge
That's all, economise your widget and like the zealous widget on your diary.

If you meet any difficulty patch adding this widget to your journal then sympathetic parting your notice beneath the station along with the problem you get, so I can help you promote. Hold Work.


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